Carb Counting

in People with Diabetes

Osunsanya Olajumoke RDN, MPH

How does it feel to have diabetes?

This is probably a question that only a few ask. It is surely depressing to watch your blood sugar fluctuates between high and low figures, and you’re constantly wondering what you could be doing wrong. You have removed all ‘sweet’ foods from your list and even skip meals, and at the slight intake of a small meal, your blood sugar rises.

This is the frustration that people with diabetes experience daily. Yet complications do not respect ignorance. Diabetes still accounts for one death every 8 seconds and is the leading cause of kidney failure, heart disease, vision loss, and leg amputations. If the use of ‘only medications’ could help with long-term management, complications would have been sharply reduced.

It is essential to understand the role of medical nutrition therapy in managing the disease. And, no, the answer is not in cutting out carbs, because your body can’t survive without them. The answer is in understanding the amount of carbs you need daily!

As a registered dietitian and a diabetes educator, I have attended to thousands of people with diabetes, and I can still recall the shocked reaction on peoples’ faces, who thought they’ll never be able to eat their favorite meals again.

While this book on ‘Carbohydrate counting’ is not a replacement for your one-on-one consultation with your dietitian, it will definitely help you to understand how carbs affect your blood sugar and how you can effectively monitor your carb intake and control your blood sugar. Grab your copy today. I can’t wait to see your reviews!

In this book, you will learn

How to estimate your daily carbohydrate needs
How to control your blood sugar while eating your favorite cultural foods
Tips for reading and understanding food labels
How to self-care and check for trends in your blood sugar



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