7 Days to fight inflammation, load up on vitamins, trim down and glow from inside out!

You probably don’t know before now that the health of your gut does not only affect digestion but your overall health. There are 10 times more bacterial cells in our bodies than there are actual human cells, and we house more bacterial genes than human genes. Not all these bacteria are bad, some are actually good and can help supply the body with essential nutrients, assist in the breakdown of chemical compounds, synthesize vitamins, and stimulate nerve function. But how do you know if your gut has more bad bacteria than good ones? You will often experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, excess flatulence, or even bad breath. Through a lot of research, we now know that bad gut health may predispose you to obesity and be the culprit for allergies, autoimmune disease, depression, cognitive decline, and Cardiovascular diseases.

This program is aimed at helping you maintain a good gut health, trim down and glow from the inside out! During this 7-day program, you’re kickstarting something good in your healthy eating lifestyle. It is an obvious time to load up on vitamins and fight inflammation. This plan is beneficial for weight maintenance, enhancing gut balance, correcting digestive disorders, improving low PCV count, boosting immunity, and overall health Improvement.

Here are the benefits of this programme:

  • Get rid of gut problems like constipation, Indigestion, bloating and gas
  • Healthy skin, lesser breakouts as a result of reduced inflammation
  • Get rid of free radicals in the body that can cause cancer
  • Improve Liver health 
  • Improve your brain function and concentration, reduce anxiety and depression
  • Maintain optimal blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
Kindly note that this programme is not suitable for serious health conditions like Diabetes, hypertension, liver diseases, Cancer, Elevated blood cholesterol, kidney diseases, etc as these conditions need diet plans personally tailored by the dietitian.

Perks of the Rejuvenate Programme

Structured morning exercises
(live exercises)
Grocery list
containing anti-inflammatory foods/spices and healthy snacks
Fruits and veggies challenge
Plantbased meat trial
7 soups recipes
7 smoothie recipes
A 2-day Intermittent fasting guide
Teas recipe
Answers to nutrition questions on our telegram group
Access to diet lifestyle community for 1 month
Other health tips


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