Are Artificial sweeteners better than Added Sugars?

Food Sweeteners are divided into nutritive (those that have carbs/sugars and give calories) and non-nutritive...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Tigernuts!

Tiger nuts, which are also referred to as chufa, appear yellowish on the outer part...

Ebenezer Miracle (RDN)

5 Reasons You Should Get Nutty!

Having nuts in your meal options is something you should hop on this month! The...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

Seven Foods That Can Improve Your Mood!

The relationship between food and mood is distinct. What we consume does not only affect...

Precious Maduabuchi (RDN)

Lactose intolerance: are Plant-based Milk rich in Calcium?

Would I get enough calcium if I switch to plant-based milk? What are the best...

Ebenezer Miracle (RDN)

What Happens When You Cut Carbs from Your Diet?

Inarguably, the word “carbs’ has become a taboo in the ‘weight -loss world’ and also...

Ebenezer Miracle (RDN)

8 Evidence-based Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is one of the most commonly consumed dietary spice used globally. Ginger is a...

Precious Maduabuchi (RDN)

Fish Vs Meat: Which is Healthier?

Fish and meat are the most popular protein-rich sources and undeniably the main sources eaten...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

Are the Health Claims About Apple Cidar Vinegar True?

The internet has so many people jumping on different products with bogus health claims making...

Ebenezer Miracle (RDN)

Hello Dietitian, Which Cooking Oil is the Healthiest?

Nigerians are becoming more aware of how their food choices affect their overall wellbeing and...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

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