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Trust a dietitian to help you develop a healthy relationship with food. Achieve a healthy weight range while eating foods you love.
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Consult a dietitian for the management of nutritional related diseases for early intervention!

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Get our kids diet guide containing age appropriate menu plan from 6months to 5yrs!

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Khairo Diet Clinic is set up to provide you with nutritional information and offer consultancy in every aspect of nutrition ranging from child nutrition/family nutrition to management of health conditions. Our experts are registered dietitians qualified to answer various nutritional questions and help you achieve you health and nutritional goals!

We offer a wide array of services aimed at helping you achieve your nutritional health goals!

Nutrition Care

We strongly encourage consulting a dietitian immediately after diagnosis of a nutritional related diseases such as...

Khairo Diet Lifestyle

We are ready to take you on our lifestyle plan and help you make your changes at your own pace.

Pregnancy Nutrition Care

Achieving a healthy weightgain and getting adequate nutrients is very important for a good pregnancy
outcome. Your dietitian...

Baby Diet

Khairo Kids diet is designed to help babies in transitioning from exclusive breastfeeding or formula feeding to home made complementary diet.

Corporate Wellness Package

Do you know lifestyle interventions such as nutrition counselling, physical activity and behaviour modification can reduce the risk...

All you need to know about Nutrition

Nutrition Care

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Our Testimonials

I was referred to a dietician because I had diabetes symptoms. My first experience with her was enlightening and knowledgeable. My nutritional goals are to reduce my sugar level and also to control my weight, and I am getting better at achieving them. The improvement so far is my Sugar level has reduced but still needs monitoring, the weight has dropped by 11.6 kg and still working to lose more. Everyone needs a dietician.

Mr Onitolo

My first experience was awesome. She was so Pleasant and made the journey look easy. My Nutritional goal is to lose weight and look healthy. And "Yes so far by His Grace, I have well lost some kilos and trusting to get to my desire weight. Never knew you could still eat your favorites but in small portion s. With a dietitian, they believe in gradual process they can serve you better by helping you get healthier and fit. Also the benefits of some healthy foods. And they make the journey so simple and easy.

Pastor(Mrs) Olubunmi Odutola

I was referred to a dietician because of high BP and weight control. My first consultation experience was splendid and very interactive. My nutritional goals are to eat right and healthy, control my Carb intake to enable me to lose weight, and to get a good BMI. I can say a reasonable "YES, I'm getting better in achieving those goals. Though slowly, I have gone down from 105kg to 101kg and from a waist of "47" to "43" within a period of two weeks

Revd. Vera Odi

My baby used to be a picky eater, but I decided to give Khairo diet recipes a shot. I was surprised at how she finished it all up! She really loves it, didn't believe she could eat that much. Thanks so much!

Mrs Tunrayo Jinadu

I really wanted to lose weight .. LEGALLY! I was tired of doing one slim tea or another (which worked by the way but the fat bounced back with pride .lol). I needed a sustainable weightloss plan. Did I add that I'm a very fussy eater? What I don't eat farrrrrr outweighs what I eat . I don't take veggies, don't eat onions ... it's an almost endless list really. That was the first bit to deal with but it was an easy peasy ride with Olajumoke. What a patient soul. Lol. She confessed it would be difficult but doable. Fast-forward to a month after ... Here I am after KHAIRO's diet plan . 4kg lighter. Waist is slimmer . (did I add I used to have GERD?) . Free from heartburn. And way happier healthier ME! Thanks, Jumoke! Trust me. Nutritional weight loss plan is the way to go!

Mrs Akinwande Bukola

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