Nourish Your Gut and Trim down!

Have you been tempted by quick fixes like "detox" pills or colon "cleanses" to kickstart a healthy lifestyle? Or do you simply want to nourish your body and shed some pounds in a sustainable way?

Then the Rejuvenate Program is for you!

Why choose Rejuvenate?

Say goodbye to harmful detoxes

Many detox pills are unregulated and contain harsh laxatives and diuretics that can cause dehydration, cramps, and bloating. Your body is already equipped to naturally remove waste products.

Embrace real health

Instead of quick fixes, focus on nourishing your gut with a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.

Learn and grow

This program offers 10 informative videos covering key topics like gut health, inflammation reduction, nutrient-rich eating, and weight loss.

Practical resources

You'll receive a Rejuvenate Guide with an adaptable diet plan, delicious soup and smoothie recipes with calorie breakdowns, and helpful tips for navigating your journey.

What you will learn?

  • Healthy grocery shopping tips
  • Understanding the importance of carbs
  • Benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Harnessing the power of fruits and vegetables
  • All about probiotics
    Interpreting your poop (yes, really!)
  • Why exercise matters
  • How stress affects your weight and strategies for coping
  • The magical world of anti-inflammatory spices

Ready to ditch the fads and embrace sustainable health?

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Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for making 90% of the meals relatable except for the Japanese Bulgur and quinoa 🤭🤭🤭. The groceries were affordable as well🙌🏻

So I weighed myself before but I haven’t weighed after…I did not measure my wasteline before and after. I intend to measure the weight tomorrow and the waistline today and check after another one week of self rejuvenation.

But I can say for a fact that the tummy belt I use is not tight again 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻… That could only mean that I have shed some inches… Even if na half (imagining what I’d look like in one month is already getting me excited, hence the ginger to continue). Xmas body loading💃🏻

But beyond the losses, I have been on antihypertensives since Nov 2022, the Friday before we started I got the usual warning sign (headaches on a particular side of my head), I went to the doctor to complain and also possibly get a re-fill, but wasn’t given any drugs because he said he wanted my body to regulate my BP on its own… He said I should make a lifestyle change. This program came at the nick of time, so I reluctantly joined… Emphasis on reluctantly🤭

I week after, I have not had the headaches and I did not take any BP drug. I am monitoring and still monitoring. Everywhere stewww (low fat stew to be precise) 🤣 I intend to continue and “hubby is in trouble too” cos I intend to drag him in this week.

Today I had an opportunity to take Eba and egusi and my sub consciousness turned down the soup, went for vegetable soup and very small eba. Everyone at home eats when I eat. All of us must journey together…

Bottomline: I am now a dietician🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

- Uchenna Amadi

For me, my goal wasn’t necessarily to lose weight with this program but I thought if it happens then that’s a plus. (Some people seem to think I am okay the way I am, but na me know as e dey go🤣)

I am coming from a place of excess eating of carbs, junk food here and there. I hardly ever eat home cooked meal besides yam and egg or pancakes which always knock me out even while eating. I was aways bloated, tired and hungry all the time. But this program has helped me with mindful eating and portion control. My cravings have also reduced and I have not been bloated since we started.

My body had adjusted to eating little and be satisfied till the next meal. I never thought that was possible unless I am very broke. Although most of the clothes I have currently are tight and uncomfortable, this week I did not feel discomfort from seating or bending as I used to.

I am writing down meal plans to continue with and as much as temptations are around, I can say no because I realised that this thing is also a mind thing. I always felt I could eat anything and when ever I register in a gym I’ll burn all the fat (As if 🤣🤣 )
Now I am more conscious of what I am eating and I feel better and happy about that. And I feel light in my tummy With more exercise and eating the right way, I would achieve my goal weight soon.

I can’t put all the feelings in words, but in summary I feel new and rejuvenated!!!🥳🥳🥳❣️❣️❣️

- O.A

Soooooooo, here is my testimonial.

First off, this program was haaaard for me. It came at a time we were super busy at work and when sapá bien Merci. However, I remembered I could use what was easily accessible to me which led to foraging for the veggies growing in our backyard.

Before now, I would feel bloated in the night and my clothes were tight in the middle. So, was my wedding ring. I would take a few steps and start panting like I fell from a height. I had said I was going to do all I could to lose some weight so I could help my blood pressure and the constant headaches I was having. So, starting this program was a step in the right direction.

I began the program weighing 118kg. I checked today and I was at 114.9kg. I legit danced a little at that. The ministry is moving. I have already shared how a friend saw me and commented that my face trimmed out a bit. I don’t feel bloated like before. I can totally sleep at night without feeling bloated and super tired in the morning when I wake up.

For the none scale miracles, one top I hadn’t worn in a while can fit a little without feeling so snug in the chest. My wedding ring almost fell off my finger today in the bath (this hasn’t happened in years!!), I feel lighter and I can take a walk without panting.

Thank you for this. I will sure continue on my own.

- Kayla

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