Green Life Mix(GLM)


Nature’s colorful harmony on your plate! This mix can be blended together with fruits to make a nutrient packed yummy smoothie or used to make your favourite vegetable sauce. Elevate your health and taste buds with this delectable blend of nature’s finest vegetables.”



Experience the vibrant symphony of nature’s bounty with our Green Life Mix Vegetable Blend. Bursting with an assortment of crisp, finest green treasures, this delightful medley brings together the freshest vegetables handpicked from organic farms. Each bite offers a tantalizing blend of flavors, packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, this wholesome mix is a celebration of health and sustainability. Embrace the goodness of green with our Green Life Mix Vegetable – a perfect harmony of taste and nourishment.

The Green Life Mix contains:

Malabar Spinach

Amaranth Green


Fluted Pumpkin/Ugu

Garden Egg


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