Soooooooo, here is my testimonial.

First off, this program was haaaard for me. It came at a time we were super busy at work and when sapá bien Merci. However, I remembered I could use what was easily accessible to me which led to foraging for the veggies growing in our backyard.

Before now, I would feel bloated in the night and my clothes were tight in the middle. So, was my wedding ring. I would take a few steps and start panting like I fell from a height. I had said I was going to do all I could to lose some weight so I could help my blood pressure and the constant headaches I was having. So, starting this program was a step in the right direction.

I began the program weighing 118kg. I checked today and I was at 114.9kg. I legit danced a little at that. The ministry is moving. I have already shared how a friend saw me and commented that my face trimmed out a bit. I don’t feel bloated like before. I can totally sleep at night without feeling bloated and super tired in the morning when I wake up.

For the none scale miracles, one top I hadn’t worn in a while can fit a little without feeling so snug in the chest. My wedding ring almost fell off my finger today in the bath (this hasn’t happened in years!!), I feel lighter and I can take a walk without panting.

Thank you for this. I will sure continue on my own.

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