For me, my goal wasn’t necessarily to lose weight with this program but I thought if it happens then that’s a plus. (Some people seem to think I am okay the way I am, but na me know as e dey go🤣)

I am coming from a place of excess eating of carbs, junk food here and there. I hardly ever eat home cooked meal besides yam and egg or pancakes which always knock me out even while eating. I was aways bloated, tired and hungry all the time. But this program has helped me with mindful eating and portion control. My cravings have also reduced and I have not been bloated since we started.

My body had adjusted to eating little and be satisfied till the next meal. I never thought that was possible unless I am very broke. Although most of the clothes I have currently are tight and uncomfortable, this week I did not feel discomfort from seating or bending as I used to.

I am writing down meal plans to continue with and as much as temptations are around, I can say no because I realised that this thing is also a mind thing. I always felt I could eat anything and when ever I register in a gym I’ll burn all the fat (As if 🤣🤣 )
Now I am more conscious of what I am eating and I feel better and happy about that. And I feel light in my tummy With more exercise and eating the right way, I would achieve my goal weight soon.

I can’t put all the feelings in words, but in summary I feel new and rejuvenated!!!🥳🥳🥳❣️❣️❣️

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