“I was referred to Dietitian Olajumoke because my blood sugar was high during pregnancy. I was very worried because I never thought it would be easy to reverse the situation until I started the diet plan. I am still shocked at how my blood sugar improved! I eat healthy now and able to stay clear of some foods that i thought i cannot do without. I think more people need to know about Dietitians. Thanks a lot!”

Mrs Patrick   

“My diet plan is really amazing although it was difficult sourcing for foods during the period of lockdown, however I have maintained the recommended portion size and incorporated the daily exercise.I have dropped a total of 3kg and also noticed that my tummy is flatter and waistline slimmer. Thanks for the constant follow up.”

Mr Henry   

“I had an online consultation with Dietitian Olajumoke because of high blood sugar. I’ve been managing Type 2 Diabetes for a while but it hasn’t been well controlled. The consultation session was great and my blood sugar has significantly improved. Good thing is that I now know what to eat and the quantity. I also have a better understanding of how food affects my blood sugar . Thanks a lot!”

Mr Alfred   

“I was referred to Khairo Diet Clinic because I had a heart problem, had Type 2 Diabetes and overweight. My first consultation experience was very relaxing and welcoming. Dietitian Olajumoke gave me hope concerning my condition and I was made to believe I’ll be fine if I stick to the dietary changes. I feel lighter now, no more weakness and my blood sugar has been consistently below 100. Keep up the good work, thank you!”

Mrs Idumu   

“I was referred to Dietitian Olajumoke due to gestational diabetes. The consultation was very encouraging. A diet plan was developed for me and it contains better meal choices and healthy snacks. That was the beginning of great news for me, my blood sugar became well controlled and my insulin dose reduced drastically and often times, I don’t need it. I have been delivered of a baby boy now. Thanks a lot!”

Mrs Flora   

Thanks to Khairodiet clinic God bless you all thank you, cholesterol down and within normal ranges just in 1month
Thanks! 5star rating weight down healthy lifestyle all the way……….thanks too for the follow up too

Mrs angel   

“We reached out to Dietitian Olajumoke because my mother had Type 2 Diabetes and other health issues. Our first experience was splendid and there is so much improvements now that I ever thought. We thought starvation helps to lose weight but the dietitian’s menu plan surprisingly included tasty and healthy meals.My mom’s weight has gone down from 120kg to 115kg within a month, she is no longer on insulin and her blood sugar is now much better! I think people need to know that Dietitians can help to manage health issues at such affordable price. Thank you!”

Mrs Sholeye   

“I was referred to the dietitian because I am hypertensive and diabetic. My first consultation experience with her was quite impressive . So many probing questions were asked which helped her understand my medical history . She was very cautious and professional to the core. My goal was to live healthy and drop my glucose level drastically which was greatly achieved with three weeks of contact with this amazing dietitian . Sugar level dropped from 260 to 85 – 100 mg. Weight dropped from 85kg to 82.6kg. Considering the impressive achievements within 3 weeks, I have become of a strong advocate for dietitians and would specially recommend Dietitian Jumoke Osunsanya as one of the very best in the field .”

Mr Awosemo   

I was asked to see a dietitian because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, as part of my medical treatment. My first consultation experience was interesting, enlightening and interactive. I got to know that I could eat all the foods! I was taught on how to eat based on my required carb servings and a diet plan was created for me. I am now getting way better at achieving my nutritional goal. My sugar level which was over 300 has been reduced to 80 – 85. My weight too has drastically reduced due to my portioned food consumption and regular exercise which were recommended by my dietitian. I believe everyone needs to see a dietitian, regardless of your age or health status. Thanks alot.

Mr Nnamdi   

“I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and was placed on insulin immediately due to high blood sugar. Meeting with Khairo Diet was incredible, she is so knowledgeable. I have lost 6kg since I started the diet plan, I am no longer on insulin and my blood sugar readings falls below 100 on most days. Thanks!”

Mrs Ella   

My interactions with Khairo depicts an innovative, attentive and helpful team. I have been able to control my blood sugar and weight with the diet plan which I must say is truly fantastic and contains all my favourite food and therefore no feeling of missing out out on enjoyable foods which one experiences with other diet plan.

Cynthia Akpomudiare   



“I was referred to the dietitian on account of Type 2 diabetes. My first consultation experience was so enlightening. My blood sugar has since improved and well controlled. The dietitian also counselled on how well to control my blood sugar during Ramadan fast. I have lost 8kg within 2months. Thank you!”

Mr Onitolo   

“I was referred to Dietitian Olajumoke due to excess weight during pregnancy and gestational diabetes. My first experience with her was great! She was able to to explain in details how to eat to prevent more weight before delivery. The menu plan was so easy to follow. My blood sugar since then has been well controlled. Thank you so much!”

Mrs Oguntona   

“I was referred to the dietitian due to gestational diabetes. She laid my worries to rest and developed a diet plan based on my choice of meals. I now know how to eat the appropriate carb servings, my blood sugar is no longer flunctuating and she is also monitoring my weight gain till delivery time. Thank you!”

Mrs Uloma   

“I was diagnosed with preexisting diabetes in pregnancy and was advised to speak with a dietitian. The consultation experience was so comforting and encouraging. My blood sugar has really improved since I commenced the khairo diet plan and that within 2 months. I’ll rate my improvements 80%, I strongly recommend the services of registered dietitians. Thank you!”

Mrs Briggs   

“I have been struggling with Type 2 Dm for 3years, I was losing weight and also had some pains in one of my legs. I got to know Khairo Diet through my sister. They were very professional and cordial during the consultation and made me realize that I have been eating too little foods. I was placed on Khairo diet plan based on my meal preferences, and since then, I have seen great achievements. I am no longer on insulin and my blood sugar is well controlled and below 100 consistently. I have also gained a few pounds, I feel so strong and energetic, thank you so much!”

Mr Ochei