The idea that healthy eating always involves ‘breaking the bank’ is rampant but not true....

Ebenezer Miracle (RDN)

5 Reasons You Should Get Nutty!

Having nuts in your meal options is something you should hop on this month! The...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

Is Intermittent Fasting Effective for Weightloss?

I get this question a lot as a dietitian and my answer is ‘Yes, it...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

5 Ways to Cope with Emotional Eating!

If I ask you why you eat certain foods, I’m sure the only reason won’t...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

5 Habits That May Increase Your Risk of Kidney Stones

Kidney stone disease is a common problem globally and affects 7% of the adult population....

Precious Maduabuchi (RDN)

What Happens When You Cut Carbs from Your Diet?

Inarguably, the word “carbs’ has become a taboo in the ‘weight -loss world’ and also...

Ebenezer Miracle (RDN)

Heart Attack: 7 Foods That Can Increase Your Risk!

Ever heard that someone slumped and died? Over 93.7 percent of sudden and unexpected deaths...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

6 Things to Look out for When Shopping for Breakfast Cereals!

Choosing a healthy breakfast cereals could really be the beginning of healthy food choices for...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

Hello Dietitian, can excess intake of fruits cause Type 2 Diabetes?

Most fruits are very rich in natural sugar, vitamins and antioxidants. Intake of fruits has...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

10 Healthy Foods that are High in Calories

We all have various nutritional goals sometimes ranging from weight-loss to weight -gain and these...

Olajumoke Osunsanya (RDN, MPH)

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