We all have various nutritional goals sometimes ranging from weight-loss to weight -gain and these foods happen to be very important in both goals! While those aiming at weight gain can take as high as 2,500kcal to 3,000kcal per day, persons on weight-loss plan can go as low as 1,200kcal to 1,500kcal per day. These vital foods helps to give a feeling of fullness (satisfaction) in those on weight loss diet and also serve as main food sources of increasing energy intake in those on weight gain plan. Basically, your portion size determines determine which goal you achieve! Let’s get to the foods!


1. Avocado

These are one of the richest plant in healthy fats! High healthy fat content also means high energy density. Avocados have tremendous nutritional benefits which include reducing risk of cardiovascular and neuro-degenerative diseases and promote healthy aging. A whole avocado gives 322kcal.


2. Dates

Dates are fruits that are high in natural sugar, dietary fiber, potassium and other trace nutrients. 100g of Dates gives 277kcal.


3. Dried fruits

These are gotten from drying whole fruits leaving only sugar and antioxidant concentrates. Due to it loss of water content, a small amount of dried fruits is usually high energy dense and can range between 200-300kcal per 100g.


4. Nuts and nut butter

These include peanuts, almond nuts, coconut, pine nuts, cashew nuts e.t.c These are high in healthy fats, protein and fiber and are equally high in energy content. A handful of nut (28g or 1 oz) contains 160-250kcal while most nut butter contain 80-100kcal per tablespoon.


5. Granola

This is usually taken as breakfast cereal and is very high in calories. Granola is made from nuts, oat and honey, all of which are healthy and energy dense. Half cup of granola can give as high as 500kcal.


6. Olive Oil

This is usually termed the healthiest oil on earth due to its high amount of mono- and poly unsaturated fatty acids which are linked to heart health. 1 tablespoon of olive oil gives 119kcal.


7. Fatty Fish

Most fatty fish are rich in healthy fats and high in energy content. 100g of mackerel gives 222kcal.


8. Banana

Bananas are known to help improve blood pressure due to its high content of potassium and dietary fiber. It is also very rich in natural sugar which makes it energy dense. Just one medium banana gives 105kcal.


9. Beans

Beans are not only high in protein but also in carbs and dietary fiber. 1 cup of cooked beans gives 225kcal.


10. Brown rice

Although brown rice is usually preferred than white rice because it is rich in dietary fiber and some B-vitamins, it is also high in energy content. 1 Cup of cooked brown rice contains 248kcal.



Either you intend to lose weight or gain weight, these healthy foods are very good for you and your portion size is what actually matters. Your dietitian can see to it that you have adequate intake of each of the foods depending on your nutritional goals.


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