We all feel tired especially after a busy day, but if you always feel extreme tiredness and lack of motivation even when you’re doing nothing, the following might be the reasons!

1. Lack of sleep

it is advisable for adults to get enough sleep of about 7-9hours daily, but some might have this difficulty to achieve due to tight work deadlines or addiction to phone screens and laptops.  Not getting enough sleep may increase your stress level, alter your mood, and result in fatigue. Aim regularly to have ample time to rest in order to help revive your well-being.

2. Iron deficiency anemia

The nutrient, Iron is is needed in red blood cells to carry oxygen to all the body’s tissues. When iron is lacking, fewer red blood cells are made, and there is a shortage in the circulation of oxygen in the body resulting in extreme tiredness, weakness, and sometimes, headache. If your diet does not provide adequate iron-rich foods such as meat, leafy vegetables, beans, and peas, you may be iron deficient.

3. Extremely low carb diet

If you are constantly on a low-carb diet or always cutting out carbs from your diet to achieve quick weight loss, then tiredness might be the new norm. Restricting carbohydrates will result in a low energy supply to all your body cells and tissues since they depend on glucose for survival. Your body will, in turn, rely on fat to produce energy leading to the production of ketones, this process can cause nausea, lightheadedness, and extreme tiredness.

4. Physical inactivity

Physical activity helps to increase your muscle mass and reduce excess body fat. Also, some strength training exercise helps to build endurance, strength and increase endurance overtime. Living a sedentary life has been associated with excess weight gain and constant exhaustion.

5. Excessive caffeine intake

Caffeine is a  natural stimulant found in many common foods and beverages, including coffee, tea, and chocolate. Some research indicates that people who drink caffeinated beverages lose a little more fluid than when drinking water because caffeine acts as a diuretic. Excess intake can cause headaches, trembling, rapid heart rate, dehydration, and fatigue

6. Uncontrolled Diabetes and other medical conditions

People with diabetes may have blood sugar fluctuations which in extreme cases may cause dizziness, weakness, and fatigue.  Other conditions such as sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and heart diseases are also causes of fatigue, it is very important you consult your doctor for medical treatments and in some cases, seek dietary and lifestyle changes for proper self-management.


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