It’s quite easy to think about an ophthalmologist when you have an eye issue, just as you would see a mechanic when your car has a problem. But it can really get confusing when it comes to consulting a dietitian. The following are reasons to visit a dietitian:

1. Simply confused about what to eat or need help with menu planning.

Yeah, things can really get busy for you that you do not have time for your diet. Letting off the hook or losing control on what you eat could result in damaging health consequences. A dietitian can help you make healthy food choices by creating an individualized menu plan while considering your busy schedule and food likes and dislikes!

2. You just want to lose some excess fat!

There are too many nutritional information out there and also many acclaimed Nutritionists that can make eating some foods a burden when it comes to losing some pounds of fat. Don’t wait to have several failed attempts before consulting a dietitian. When it comes to either gaining weight (needed by people with low body mass index) or losing excess body fat, dietitians know best! A dietitian will assess your overall nutritional status to see what you are not getting right in your diet and create an intervention that will work best for you.

3. You are trying to get Pregnant, Pregnant, or a New Mom

Meeting a Dietitian can start you on a healthy diet and lifestyle which may solve some hormonal puzzles and reverse the menstrual disorder. A dietitian also makes sure you get the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy and encourage you on your exclusive breastfeeding journey when the baby comes!

4. Your baby is transitioning to home foods and you are clueless!

Starting your little one homemade foods is a lot of hard work, which is why you should seek the help of a dietitian to take the burden off you! A dietitian will assess your child’s developmental growth and help to create a menu plan based on the age of your child and the nutritional goals

5. You have certain food allergies or other digestive complaints

A dietitian can help you manage food allergies, lactose intolerance or celiac diseases. They do this by helping you eliminate foods that can cause gastrointestinal disturbances and at the same time making sure you get all the nutrients you need daily!

6. You have just been diagnosed or struggling with managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Other Chronic Diseases.

A registered dietitian can help you understand your condition and how the foods you choose might affect it. Also, a dietitian will give you the necessary support you need to establish healthy eating habits needed to manage your condition

7. You want to age gracefully!

Aging comes with several changes such as changes in taste, dry skin, loss of bone and muscle mass, and mood changes, a dietitian can help you live a healthy life during the aging period by helping you manage the changes that come with it through healthy eating!

Why Dietitians???

Registered dietitians have earned either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a rigorous clinical internship, making them the only reliable nutrition experts you can trust!

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